How to Become a Member

How to join IFSWF

IFSWF welcomes membership applications from all institutions that consider themselves sovereign wealth funds and conform to the definition of a sovereign wealth fund set out in the Santiago Principles. Since 2014 we have also accepted members that only invest at home.

All our members voluntarily endorse and agree to implement the Santiago Principles, remain a sovereign wealth fund, be active participants in our activities and, when relevant, pay membership fees.

IFSWF is a member-owned non-profit organisation incorporated in London, owned by our full members. 

We have two levels of membership:

Associate membership

Associate membership is primarily for institutions in the process of being established as sovereign wealth funds or national governments actively developing arrangements for the creation of a sovereign wealth fund. 

Associate members undertake to implement the Santiago Principles and to engage with IFSWF activities. This status is usually granted for up to two years before the institution should apply for full membership.

Associate membership status may also be granted to sovereign wealth funds that require an amendment to national law to join a member-owned corporation abroad.

To apply for associate membership, following conversations with the Secretariat, the institution must agree to implement and endorse the Santiago Principles voluntarily. The decision to accept a member is made by the IFSWF Board.

Associate members are exempt from membership fees and do not have voting rights.

Full Membership

Full members are established sovereign wealth funds. Like associate members, they agree to endorse and implement the Santiago Principles and engage with IFSWF activities. However, they have greater responsibility. They must submit a Santiago Principle self-assessment and pay membership fees. Again the application is accompanied by due diligence from the Secretariat and submitted to the Board for approval.

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