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Oman Investment Authority (OIA) is the investment arm of the Sultanate of Oman, established by Royal Decree No. 61/2020. It is a sovereign wealth fund operating as an autonomous legal entity with complete financial and administrative independence, reporting directly to the Council of Ministers. Its primary mandate encompasses the prudent management of the Sultanate of Oman's funds and assets, with a strategic focus on optimising returns and contributing to implementing Oman Vision 2040. OIA manages its assets through two distinct Funds.

  1. The first is the Future Generations Fund (FGF), which encompasses OIA’s international assets as well as investments in both public and private markets. Its overarching objective is to safeguard the nation's reserves and assets, ensuring the financial well-being of future generations.
  2. The second is the National Development Fund (NDF), specifically designed to promote economic diversification and the growth of targeted sectors within Oman. It comprises a diverse range of assets, including more than 160 companies, which include holding companies, publicly listed companies, direct private investments, and various financial instruments such as bonds, securities, Sukuk (Islamic bonds), and deposits.

This comprehensive approach underscores OIA’s commitment to fostering economic sustainability and development within the country.

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