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Palestinian Territories

The Palestine Investment Fund (PIF) is Palestine’s Sovereign Development Fund. PIF seeks a double bottom line by maximising impact through innovation and investing in strategic projects in under-developed and vital sectors, all while achieving sustainable returns.

PIF was established in 2003, as a public company registered in the Ministry of National Economy, under the Palestinian Corporate law, and is fully owned by the Palestinian people. PIF is the leading investor in Renewable Energy, Agriculture and agribusiness, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Entrepreneurship in Palestine.

PIF invests and mobilizes partnerships in strategic projects in vital, underserved sectors of the Palestinian economy. PIF originates projects and invites local and international partners to co-invest at the development stage, thereby de-risking projects for its partners.

PIF invests to achieve positive social and economic impact (through well-defined KPIs such as creating jobs, supporting startups and SMEs, leveraging partner capital, strengthening and encouraging the Palestinian private sector, contributing to the GDP) alongside achieving sustainable returns PIF is professionally managed, based on the principles of transparency, accountability, and good governance.

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Palestinian Territories

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