JSC National Investment Corporation of the National Bank of Kazakhstan


The mission of the Corporation is to contribute to the sustainable improvement of the welfare of future generations by preserving and increasing the profitability of the international reserves of Kazakhstan.

The Corporation is a financial organization specialized on managing part of foreign exchange reserves of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as other assets determined by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Corporation’s main activities include improving asset management efficiency and increasing assets yield in the long-term.

In order to achieve its goals the Corporation will invest in traditional and alternative assets in the international financial markets with investment horizon of 10-20 years, and other types of activities involving trust asset management.

The formation of the Corporation is a necessary step in the current economic reality. It can be seen as a qualitative modification of the concept and conduct of international assets management.  This will increase profitability and promote further diversification of international assets of Kazakhstan.

The Corporation was established under the initiative of the Governor of National Bank of Kazakhstan and under the agreement of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.



Contact Details

136 Dostyk Avenue
Almaty 050051

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