JSC National Investment Corporation of the National Bank of Kazakhstan

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The Corporation is a financial organization specialised in managing a part of the National Fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan, foreign exchange reserves of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, pension funds and other assets determined by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Mission of the Corporation is to diversify and enhance the long-term returns of sovereign assets of the Republic of Kazakhstan through investment in alternative instruments. The Corporation’s primary goal is to improve asset management efficiency and to increase assets yield in the long term by maximizing risk-adjusted returns through asset diversification in a manner consistent with its Investment Strategy.

In order to achieve its goals the Corporation invests in traditional and alternative assets in the global financial markets with an investment horizon of 10-20 years and conducts other types of activities involving trust asset management.

Establishing the Corporation resulted in important changes to the framework for the management of Kazakhstan’s international assets and was a necessary development given the current macroeconomic environment, as it will increase the profitability and level of diversification of Kazakhstan’s international assets.

The Corporation was established under the initiative of the Governor of the National Bank of Kazakhstan and in agreement with the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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57a Mangilik Yel Avenue
Z05T8F6, Astana

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